1. dreamquartz's Avatar
    Something interesting happened to my BB Z10. I use a SanDisk 64 GB Micro SD card (FAT 32 formatted), and since yesterday, my phone did not repond properly anymore.
    The phone was slow, and/or not responding at all, and battery drain.
    The moment I tried to swipe to open, nothing, battery pull, very slow to initiate, and not gettting passed the intialization of the Hub.
    Earlier I was trying to encrypt my phone and the card, but stopped trying to encrypt the card [YES, I still have full access to the card].
    Things tried so far:
    1. changed battery
    2. charged via different means
    3. removed installed software
    4. re-installed firm ware plus update
    5. re-installed software
    6. left it overnight, result: battery drained
    7. charging it right now
    8. fired it up, slow to respond; message: indicating sd card removed [it was NOT]
    9. pulled sd card (there was something.......)
    10. phone responds well now
    11. put in old 16 GB card

    Phone is fast, and responding well.
    I am now copying the content of the 64 GB to my computer, and will re-format the card in my Z10, to see what happens.

    04-12-13 11:30 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Could it be the class of the card? You know not all card are created equal right? The higher the number the better!
    04-18-13 11:48 AM
  3. WhiteSpir1t's Avatar
    I am using the same card Class 10 64GB no problem whatsoever.

    Take the phone back for them to look at.

    Posted via CB10
    04-18-13 12:30 PM

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