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    BlackBerry has built 2 wonderful models with the Z10 and the Q10. BlackBerry listened this time, the Z10 utilized the full left side and right side to make gestures seem less! By finally offering a full touchscreen of 4.2 inches it offers all types of phone users a chance to get a blackberry. The Hub has given us the most productive option for all of your contact needs. Also by introducing the Q10, this has kept all the current keyboarders happy as well. The BB10 OS is showing us one hell of an upgrade for BlackBerry. Between the Hub, Time Shift Camera, HDMI, NFC, lightning fast browsing,and TRUE multitasking, this is undoubtedly a wonderful device. BlackBerry 10 offers a lot of phone in comparison to its competitors, which it has not always been the case. I love my Z10 and would love for everyone to give it a go...it's truly a great experience!! C'mon Apple and Android users...seriously you may just love it!!

    Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10
    04-22-13 01:51 AM
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    Where does it rank for everyone else?

    Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10
    04-22-13 02:07 AM
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    Now let's hope they don't flood us with 50 versions of the same again.

    Posted via CB10
    04-22-13 02:09 AM
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    I would hope they learned by now.

    Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10
    04-22-13 12:42 PM