1. BBjer's Avatar
    Anyone who has expertise in side loading can you please write down step by step guide to help me install droidstore or snap. If you have time I mean.
    I have link installed and 10.2.1 leak on all 3 phones. But I can't figure out this side loading thing.
    Running windows 8 on the laptop do I need any other programs?

    Posted Via my second Z10
    12-03-13 07:56 PM
  2. theblob's Avatar

    My suggestion is use option 2 with the Google Chrome webapp.
    12-03-13 08:00 PM
  3. BBjer's Avatar
    Yes thanks. I'll try again but the link the thread gives is a bar file for droidstore store. And windows asking me which program I want to use to open it

    Posted Via my second Z10
    12-03-13 11:01 PM
  4. BBjer's Avatar
    Got it thanks. Phew

    Posted Via my second Z10
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    12-04-13 01:13 AM

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