1. nicole2013's Avatar
    My two-way sync was not working, I was only able to sync from my phone to my gmail calendar, but not vice versa. This issue is fixed for me with 10.1.

    05-15-13 10:36 AM
  2. tony98's Avatar
    Didn't fix mine! Sorry. I tried it out with a view to possibly returning to gmail calendar.
    Worked a few times then stopped, in addition not all the events in my gmail calendar synced to my bb. Exactly what was happening with 10.0. The most problematic seems to be picking up gmail events. I created quite a few for testing. Some came over and many didn't, even after 24 hrs. Perhaps you can tell us more about your setup and testing... I would love to have it fixed.

    05-15-13 10:53 AM

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