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    Okay, thought I open up a thread to discuss this build specifically on the stl100-4 (Mine is on Verizon)

    Fresh install, with NO restore. Contacts, Remember, and Calendar all repopulated from cloud services. Apps all re-installed. Re-did all my settings from scratch. Wanted a clean install.

    Runs well for the most part, but I am experiencing the following issues...

    Gmail - the 90 day IMAP option is there, and it works when initially set up, but for some reason it inevitably reverts back to 30 days at some point. What I mean is, after first setting up the account and selecting 90 days, it syncs back 90 days and the mail is there, but then I go back into that account in the HUB later and it is back to showing only 30 days worth of mail. This has happened on all of my multiple Gmail accounts, and I have tried deleting and re-adding those accounts and it continues to have that problem.

    facebook app continuously shows "Facebook did not return any stories - Tap To Retry" for the News Feed. The rest of the facebook app seems to work. I have un-installed/re-installed both the app and the account several times and this issues remains. The mobile site News Feed using the browser works fine.

    *EDIT - okay, fb mysteriously started working, so only issue is the 90 day email.

    So far everything else seems to be working.
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