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    EDIT June 14, 2013: It appears that someone at BB actually visited BlackBerry World and noticed the appalling "Top Music" listings and had the algorithm adjusted... or the person whose brother-in-law was hiring failed lounge singers to churn out those turds has been fired from BB and now the results aren't skewed to "terrible" and "horrible".

    EDIT June 14, 2013, two minutes later: SPOKE TOO SOON: it's fixed in BlackBerry World APP on my Z-10, but if you visit appworld.blackberry.com it's as appalling-tastic as ever!

    Original post follows:

    When I launch BlackBerry World, 5 of the 8 "Top Albums" are sad soundalikes compilations... simply put, they are the kind of thing one might expect to receive as a gift from an elderly uncle who purchased it at a gas station and thinks that this is what the cool kids want.

    The proof is in the almost "Funny or Die" singer of "Skyfall" aping (as in "as good as an actual ape") Adele's vocal affectations.

    As a music fan, and BlackBerry fan, it is embarrassing to me that these are given such a high profile in BBWORLD.

    Am I alone in this opinion? Where are the "Curators" of what media (specifically, music) gets pride of place in BBWORLD and why aren't they being flogged in the dungeon for the epicness of their failure?


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    04-24-13 08:19 PM
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    You're not alone - I HATE all those soundalikes and "tributes" tracks and albums. If I'm buying music, I want the REAL thing. What I really want is the Amazon mp3 app but if I can't have that, then BBRY needs to upgrade the quality and quantity of music in BB World.
    04-27-13 02:29 PM
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    Agreed 100%, there is a ton of good music in the catalog. Sad this junk ends up on the home screen
    05-01-13 09:02 AM
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    Looks like the problem has been solved!

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    06-13-13 09:15 PM

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