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    To start off I think there are a lot of great apps on BlackBerry World. I think for the most part I could live without Android apps. Recently though as I look for the best apps in each category I need I have found some extremely poor apps with the Built for BlackBerry designation. Now they work yes but I feel like they follow no style guidelines really other than having a grey looking menu. Not sure if BlackBerry is just giving this designation away trying to keep developers happy but it doesn't help in the long run.

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    11-29-14 05:39 PM
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    There is some criteria but they sort of slipped on some - Built for BlackBerry
    11-29-14 06:14 PM
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    I looked at some not all of their standards online. But yes some have slipped through. Just comparing some built for BlackBerry Weather Apps and you can see the difference. Getting a well built Built for BlackBerry App just makes the OS feel complete.

    Posted with Z30
    11-29-14 07:46 PM
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    There was a time it the beginning when it was super-hard to get the Built for BlackBerry certification. So many developers complained.

    Then there came a time when many apps got the Built for BlackBerry certification easily without much work. I hope customer (like you) complained then.

    Now, there is a time when it is really hard again to get the Built for BlackBerry certification. Apps that have recently received the Built for BlackBerry seal have gone through a very very - very - rigorous certification process. For some of our apps it took several months and a lot of work to get an app approved.

    So to answer your question: Yes, there are some apps that have the BFB seal that should not have it (in my humble opinion), but there are also many quality apps that deserve that seal.
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    12-03-14 03:21 AM

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