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    Hello everyone! I'm new here to the Crackberry forums and I have the white BlackBerry Z10.:] So, I wanted to post a thread regarding to BlackBerry World about music and movie download issues that I've experienced so far. I was downloading a couple of songs the other day and for some reason I couldn't play them. This hasn't happened with all of the music that I've downloaded from BlackBerry World luckily. As for movie rentals, I rented "All dogs go to heaven" since I wanted to watch all of the old Disney movies that I grew up with as a child. After completely downloading it, I played the movie and it was playing "All dogs go to heaven 2" instead. So, I'm not entirely sure whose fault that is but I want to place the blame on BlackBerry and the publisher of the movie. As I said before about the music, this issue hasn't occurred with all movies. Just this movie so far. Has anyone else experienced these issues I've described before?

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-13 12:12 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    I have not had any app world issues lately like you describe but I have seen at least 1 other thread today about having issues purchasing music. Maybe something is happening behind the scenes causing random purchasing issues.
    05-18-13 12:16 PM

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