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    Hey all, I have a strange problem when I log into BlackBerry World on a computer and then connect my device. Logging into BlackBerry World works fine using my BBID and password. Once I'm into BlackBerry World I connect my Z10 and a message box comes up that says I have a device password set (which I do and know) and I need to enter that password to access BlackBerry World apps that are on my device from the computer. I enter the password and I get an error every time saying "You have not entered the correct BlackBerry device password. Try entering your password on your device. You cannot access BlackBerry World on your computer until you have correctly entered your device password."

    I have double and triple checked to make sure I'm entering the correct password, even going so far as changing my BBID password as well as my device password and then trying again, but it still will not work.

    Is anybody else having this problem or know of a solution for this?

    03-18-13 08:57 AM
  2. kaustubh_10's Avatar
    I get the same problem...in fact I can't download any apps for my z10 via computer

    Posted via CB10
    03-24-13 08:45 AM

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