1. Khursheed Ali1's Avatar
    Hey! Such a worst service u r giving to your BlackBerry 10 os customers. There is no updates available in BlackBerry world & same app in Android world "1 mobile market" is available as in updated form. Wow you guyz are sleeping or what the f.. u r doing.

    Just a horrible response. There is no update regarding os 10.3.3 official rollout. There is no updates about future of BlackBerry 10 device. No clarity. We are just sitting n waiting that now we are going to have an update but you guyz are busy with Android mobiles & in your software business.

    Lemme know all above updates I mentioned. Other I switched from BlackBerry to other platforms. I luv BlackBerry but in this way u r forcing to switch to other mobiles.

    04-03-17 06:02 AM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    Where have you been?
    04-03-17 06:03 AM
  3. Khursheed Ali1's Avatar
    India . I have autoloader files but I want official release. As some people having problems after updating through autoloaders

    04-03-17 06:08 AM

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