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    Like most of you, I was very excited about the movie sale. I was already been a big time Blackberry World Movie & TV user on my Z30. I watch stuff directly on the Z30 (looks great) or plug it into a TV via the HDMI (did I mention the Z30 is an awesome device!).

    The issue (I'm assuming) is that we all have now slammed blackberry world, and it can't keep up. Downloads are taking forever and having errors. This also leads to a secondary problem in that errored downloads are filling up our media card "other data" section. A big pain...because you have to dump all of your files off of the card, reformat the card, and then reload everything back onto the card.

    The other question I have...when I bought one of the movies on my playbook, it said that it needed to be downloaded by Jan 1st. I didn't get that message on my Z30. I'm willing to wait to download most of these movies until the server can keep up with it, but I have a feeling that won't be until next year. I don't think I will be able to get all the movies I bought (I bought a bunch) downloaded by then. Does anyone know if the Jan 1st deadline applies to the Z30 as well?

    Hopefully Blackberry is working on the two issues of fixing the downloads as well as having an easy way to clear out the "other data" cache on our media cards.
    12-06-13 07:03 AM
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    Movies on the PlayBook.... I don't use my PlayBook much, but I didn't think they had put Movie in the PlayBook's BlackBerry World. I'll have to check it out. Do they show up under your available apps?

    File size is huge, but I'd rather have the high quality to begin with and I'll adjust it down as needed. But an option of what file size you want to download ought to be available. Let face it most people that are only going to view the movie on their device, don't need a 3GB download.

    I download five movies for $.99 all at once... they all finished within four/five hours. I have only watched two of them, but they worked great.

    I think it was a smart marketing move to offer these movies... In the future I "might" rent a movie from BB World rather than from OnDemand.

    Between all of the new APK, the free "25 Days of Gifts" and the $.99 movies... I agree the onboard and the SD card are getting pretty full. Need to see if I can find a good deal on a 64GB Micro SD Card.
    12-06-13 07:21 AM
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    It is not the file size of the movies filling the cards...it is the left over error files in the cache (shown as "other data" in storage details) that we can't clear out. Since 5am this morning, I've tried to download 3 movies (one at a time). In that time (5+ hours), I've only been able to get one completely downloaded. Meanwhile, my 64 gb sd card went from less than half full to almost full with 38.5 gb of "other data" reported.

    Once the sd card is full, I don't know of any other way to clear it then to dump all the contents to my computer, format the sd card, and then reload everything to the sd card.

    As far as movies on the PlayBook, they aren't in blackberry world. The PlayBook has its own video store app. They are two different licenses so you can't share your purchases between the PlayBook and blackberry 10 device. I actually bought a couple of titles on both for that reason. The PlayBook movies downloads ran great...(not as many people trying to download on it)

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    12-06-13 09:48 AM
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    So...after my last sd card dump and format, the next two movies I downloaded only took like 20 min each with no errors. The next two downloads are back to not working. Check the errors in the screen shot. Each one of those errors dumped that much "other data" onto the sd card.
    Blackberry World + $.99 movies = fail :(-img_00000391.png

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    12-06-13 07:26 PM
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    Is there anyway to contact BlackBerry directly regarding this issue...it is a serious problem to be having...and for us on CrackBerry we can figure this stuff out by chatting to each other...but for a general user who lets say sees the $.99 movie deals and buys a movie and then encounters this, they probably won't know whats wrong...the may see 1.5GB movie and say okay I have 10GB available on my device so this should be fine, but after downloading and lets say they try to take a picture and they have no space, they will be lost...it is an issue and BlackBerry needs to correct it!
    12-09-13 11:10 AM
  6. Malachi.2.15's Avatar
    Concur...not sure how to do that though. I was hoping this thread would get a little traction here on crackberry since they have blackberry's ear.

    Here is a picture of my sd memory when I was tried to download the movies...check out that other data!

    Blackberry World + $.99 movies = fail :(-img_00000392.png

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    12-09-13 03:59 PM
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    i have downloaded 20 or so movies from blackberry world, and i am happy, some have been slow and taken up more space on my sd card, but big deal i transfer the movies to the laptop and or a movie only sd card for future viewing.
    12-09-13 04:06 PM
  8. Malachi.2.15's Avatar
    Ok...so I learned last night to just download the movies to the device and then move them to the card. I tried to download two movies to my sd card and both were causing errors, failing to download, and filling up the other data again on my sd card. I finally gave up...and was thinking of doing a wipe to see if that would make a difference. I then figured since I was planning on doing a wipe anyway, I could try and download a movie to the device. If it jammed up my device memory, no big deal since I was wiping anyway. Well...the movie downloaded with no issues. I then moved it via file manager to the sd card with no issues. A second movie download went equally as smooth.

    Problem solved!
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    12-13-13 07:43 AM

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