1. gill150981's Avatar
    Hi please can someone help me i have just got a new bb curve 9320 and i gave my old 8520 to my partner he has been using it for a while now he has been using the bbm that i set up when i had it i have set up bbm on my new phone too but using a different email address and user name but it has somehow linked to 2 phones now my partner cant use his app world or bbm on the 8520 could someone help me try to fix this and maybe put it in his name so he can use his appworld and bbm i tried deleting it and reinstalling but that wont let me change the user please HELP
    03-19-13 06:14 AM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    You will need to change the account information for the BBID (BlackBerry Identification) that is associated with the 8520. If both devices have the same BBID only one can be used at that time.

    Here is some information that might help you.

    BlackBerry ID - BlackBerry Login - Sign In to Apps & Services - US
    03-19-13 07:38 AM
  3. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    In general, you will want to secure your device before passing it on to the next person.
    This was the supposed security flaw that an article outlined a little while back. Definitely not a security flaw as much as too much security.
    Since BBm and PIN messaging is based on PIN. you will want to secure wipe the device then give it to the next person so they can log in with their own ID and if they don't have one, to set one up.
    Luckily BBM is now BBID based so it is not as much of an issues as before but you will want also inform all of your contacts about the PIN change in case someone does ping you via PIN.
    Another reason to wipe your device before giving it to someone else is that there are other accounts that this new user may have access to accounts that are tied to your CC.
    03-19-13 07:44 AM

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