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    Folks help me please. If the z10 is from orange can I unlock choosing the EE option from the unlocking services?? Thanks in advance!

    Posted via CB10
    03-11-13 03:07 PM
  2. MobileUnlocked's Avatar

    Yes you can - the codes for EE are valid for Orange and T-Mobile as well, as they are all part of the same network essentially.

    If you select "EE" on our page, you can see that we state it will work for Orange and T-Mobile as well.

    Unlock Blackberry Z10 - Mobileunlocked.co.uk
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    03-13-13 04:09 AM
  3. vladburac's Avatar
    Yeaaaaaaah! I have ordered to unlock my EE z 10...and guess what? )) yes..it worked...now the phone is totatlly free thank you folks! Appreciate that! I suggest all to use crackberryunlocking website...it worth.
    03-19-13 02:16 AM
  4. Martyn Roco's Avatar
    gsmliberty.com reliably unlocked my orange Z10 for about 24 while crackberry does up to 6 days wait fot 30
    04-10-13 03:59 PM

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