1. SandMamma's Avatar
    I just got a Torch 9800 from AT&T and tried to call to get the device unlock code and they said they are unable to provide it until the exclusivity with the manufacturer has concluded. I go overseas for long periods of time and need to be able to use just one phone here and there. I know there are sites which provide a code for a price, but are there any implications from unlocking my phone this way? Will all the features work just the same? Will certain features or apps not work? Does it void my warranty? Should I wait until I can obtain it from AT&T and does anyone know when the exclusivity expires?
    11-13-10 05:40 AM
  2. realcanuk's Avatar
    There is no problem with unlocking. It will not effect anything or void the warrranty. If you travel its 2 bucks well spent.

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    11-13-10 06:29 AM