1. photosteve's Avatar

    Frankly, new to BB all all this, but here it goes...I'd love to:

    Purchase an unlocked BB (specifically to use my CRM Maximizer on it), use Wifi to browse the web and make voice calls, ideally using Google Voice and third party apps from home and at hotspots 90% of the time. The other times when I need to make a call I'd like to use a prepaid card.

    --Which BB works with Wifi and can use a prepaid card?
    --Would it also work if I'd like to switch to a data plan down the road?
    --For voice, I read using that I could:
    --setup google voice account.
    --setup sipgate.com account
    --setup the fowarding of phone numbers between each account
    --install sipdroid on phone
    --install gv on phone
    Anyone tried this?
    --If so, is battery life effected?

    I've looked into iPhone, iPod Touch (Wifi only but requires separate mic) and N1 (too expensive?) as well...

    Any other tips, steps or thoughts would be really appreciated!

    01-17-10 08:03 PM
  2. phil1995's Avatar
    I may be wrong, but I do not believe that you can use google voice without a carrier connection (just using wifi)
    01-17-10 08:21 PM