1. ghostshell's Avatar
    Just wanted to shed some light on an issue some people are having, you will get a white screen when unholstering or unlocking your BB if you get a new e-mail and sometimes a new SMS/MMS. I did a few tests and was able to duplicate the issue over and over under controlled conditions. This will happen with most 4.6 OS's, although i didnt get it while running & .190. Big fan of .100, but like the SMS threading on .190, if you dont mind having BBM 4.7 then go with .190 for the SMS threading, if you want BBM 5 then run .100 and check out Empower SMS viewer, there is a trial, for SMS threading on all OS's under
    09-11-09 06:59 PM
  2. eeric's Avatar
    are u using aftermarket battery?
    09-12-09 11:30 PM