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    Hey everyone. I'm trying to find a source that will allow me to unlock my AT&T Z10.

    I don't mind the price, I just need someone who can deliver within 1-48 hours.
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    01-03-14 11:54 PM
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    I was in a rush so I ordered from Blackberrycodesource after reading some good recent reviews about it. I'll update you guys on what happens.

    Praying for some good results!
    01-04-14 01:35 AM
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    Just wanted to see if you could follow up for us and let us know about your experience with the site.

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    01-12-14 05:56 PM
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    Just wanted to see if you could follow up for us and let us know about your experience with the site.

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    Of course, thanks for reminding me about this thread. So first off, I wanted to say that I wasn't paid to write this review and I do not work for Blackberrycodesource. I'm following up on this solely because I didn't have any direction in who to reach out to help in unlocking my phone, and I'd like to let others know about my experience.

    So I came across Blackberrycodesource after I found an old post about someone having a good experience with them. I messasged several people on here to see if I could find who had unlocked their phones, but I was in a rush and couldn't wait more than a day or so. I placed an order with Blackberrycodesource for about $32 USD.

    I was quite nervous so I reached out to them via LiveChat and they responded to me immediately. I had also sent them an email and I was assured that I'd have the unlock code in 24 hours. I got back from the gym the next day and I had it. I tried it out and it worked the first time.

    All in all, amazing service.
    01-12-14 08:10 PM
  5. wineng's Avatar
    I used blackberrycodesource for my Z10 awhile back, it took longer than expected as they said my email went to their junk box, but I worked.

    I just used them for my wife's Q10 since they seem to be the cheapest. Took longer than the 1-7 hours (Rogers network) but when I emailed them they said they had to send it to BlackBerry to get the code. Got the code and it worked. Overall very good experience, but I would recommend to email them if you do not get the code in the time their website says. They responded to emails quickly.

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    01-14-14 08:37 AM

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