1. bish0p34's Avatar
    I had 4.7.148 installed when I got the phone and unlocked it, but have since upgraded to 4.7.167 (keyboard is way more responsive) a few days ago. The last 2 days my phone barely gets into EDGE and usually stays on edge instead, killing my BBM and data. My Curve always got a better EDGE signal at home. I was just wondering what OS you guys on AT&T were using and how your signal strength is.

    09-15-09 02:01 PM
  2. wittwizard07's Avatar
    i would do a search in the forums for your edge to EDGE problem. there is a solution for this, i know because i did it for a friend and hers works wonderful. all i can remember is to go into mobile network and select networks and change it from global to 2G and that will help out because youll force the phone to ONLY look for gsm coverage (that should help also).

    on another note, IMO the best OS would be lyricidal's beta 6v8 or v10 if your savy with that sort of thing. you can find forum listings and how to's for loading a hybrid on the device.

    hope this helps you out a little
    09-15-09 02:08 PM
  3. bish0p34's Avatar
    I set it to only 2G already, I thought it may help the battery if it wasn't looking for 3G. I'll check into the OSs. Thx!
    09-15-09 02:38 PM
  4. rockroadie's Avatar
    I had the same problem over the weekend, I wound up switching my phones radio file from .151 to .167, while still running .151's OS. You can use Lyricals "shrink OS" to swap the radio.

    since last night i have been on EDGE nice and solid. hope this helps.
    09-15-09 03:10 PM