02-05-16 11:34 AM
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  1. kingranch2013's Avatar
    Swiftunlock is very rude and disrespectful,He did the same **** to my cousin,he even offer to relock his iphone.saying he's a miillion year and my cus is a piece of **** wetback.
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    04-23-13 06:39 AM
  2. kingranch2013's Avatar
    We using xpressunlocks.com and we have no complain since.very fast and even have telephone support 24/7
    04-23-13 06:41 AM
  3. acrogenesis's Avatar
    I've done business with swiftunlocks and they are very good. And the screenshots you provide are @gmail.com swiftunlocks uses @swiftunlocks this thread should be deleted all who are posting bad things are newbs except op
    04-26-13 12:33 AM
  4. stelladora's Avatar
    Google swiftunlocks@gmail.com Its the same guy
    04-26-13 12:38 AM
  5. acrogenesis's Avatar
    its a different website if you google it you find this FAQ | totally unrelated with swiftunlocks.com .
    why are you making new accounts to post? LOL
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    04-26-13 12:42 AM
  6. baronea's Avatar
    relax, its the same guy.
    Check out his website.
    FAQ |

    its a different website if you google it you find this FAQ | totally unrelated with swiftunlocks.com .
    why are you making new accounts to post? LOL

    btw xpressunlocks.com looks very ugly wouldn't never buy something from there
    Attached Thumbnails Warning: SwiftUnlocks.com-swift2.jpg  
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    04-26-13 10:59 AM
  7. jay_naz's Avatar
    I guess Baronia had a bad experience but I had a good experience recently with swiftunlocks...
    i got the unlock code in about 2 hrs..for z10 att
    04-30-13 03:48 PM
  8. juniorfan's Avatar
    I came across this thread last week right after I had submitted my payment to their site to unlock an iPhone. I'm not sure how he does unlocking the new Blackberries coming out, but as far as unlocking the iPhone I needed done I ran across no issues. Considering how low the prices on the site are for unlocks vs. some of the other sites I felt obligated to not let him get totally flamed.
    05-07-13 04:59 PM
  9. proftech1234's Avatar
    My wife had a similar problem with this stupid Swiftunlock! They were insulting her for requesting refund for a payment that she never got any service for. They are not human! Very crazy people. They even hacked her email!! Stay away from this website.
    02-06-14 07:25 PM
  10. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    I just wanted to give people a heads up.

    I've been dealing with an issue over at swiftunlocks.com for the past 5days.

    I purchased a Z10 and was going to unlock it. Their price was low, so I registered and paid for it.

    Registered and paid for it on Feb 9th at 11am
    I didn't receive any responses that day, so I sent an email later that evening:
    "Hi, I was just wondering what the average turnout rate is for the Z10 units. I submitted a test unit order #xxxxxxx

    Thank you"

    Feb 10 late at night, I get an email:

    Service: Rogers Database 2 (NEW MODELS) Includes BB Z10
    Reason : Code not found.

    The credit for the order will be credited back to your account.

    I reply back asking if they can just refund my paypal as I had only registered so I could unlock the Z10.
    no response. I sent another email and again no reply.

    Last night (feb 11) I decided to just do a paypal chargeback.
    This morning (Feb 12) I get an email from swiftunlocks with the following:

    Swift Unlocks

    9:53 AM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    yea.. **** you...learn some manners. people like you are the scums of the earth..lowflife...

    im happy you cant unlock your POS PHONE

    I replied back
    "refund my money back via paypal now"

    he quickly replied
    "no i will not refund. you can wait 2 weeks. i rather you do that for dooshes like you"

    I replied
    "no problem, eventually with all the chargebacks you get paypal will close your account"

    his reply:

    So I just wanted people to know. If you google their name, there are a few reports on ripoffreport.com
    buyer beware.
    Wow, who's got no manners here?

    iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)
    02-22-14 04:56 AM
  11. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    Sorry baronea, you apparently had a bad experience.

    The whole "unlock on the free market" thingy is a bit shonky in itself. Here in Australia you let your carrier unlock it. A certain fee, like $50, but it's safe.

    If it's a prepaid one, just recharge $80 (e.g. Virgin), ring up your carrier, and they email you the code. Never had any dramas

    iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)
    02-22-14 05:08 AM
  12. jameswolf53's Avatar
    This guy (Shan) will make you loose your customer base and you will loose your business as well! He claims to have services and charge you for a service stating that it will take " X " amount period of time to processes! The processing time for your codes/unlocks take way more than the estimated time they have listed on their websites, days, days more..... He is running this so called business, or operation out of a his house, has you send in money, you place your order, like in my case several orders. The orders have taken over 3 weeks and others already 2 months past the estimated time they have listed his website. I send many, many emails and not one was replied!!!! He does not refund or correct the level of service offered. He has no business ethic, and is the most disrespectfu individual I have ever delt with. To which if your running a business "your closed" and your customer are "GONE". This guy at Swiftunlocks - UnlockFusion - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks, will simply stop answering your emails if you have any source of delays on your orders. So I decided to open a dispute in order to recover my money back. Now he (Shan) decides to response, this is the way he (Shan) answers you:

    "since you opened a dispute with paypal deal with them. will take 2 weeks since you could not even wait even for a response. i can post anywhere in the world it doesnt matter.. you clearly need to learn patience if anything."

    "my website shows 1-10 mins because its an automated site which you
    DID NOT order on! if you use your head then you would know that its
    for regular customers who order through there. you just assumed 10
    minutes as my advertisement never stated anything on timeframe. your
    ignorance will cause you to get nowhere with anything."

    "as stated already. you already insulted me. deal with paypal. you can wait 2 weeks for your money. its not against any laws. you clearly are the worst buyer ever if anything!"

    "good for you man. i am in the usa. so doesnt mean sh*t to me. you are a complete moron if anything. leave me the h*** alone! "

    "you should also write you are a moron to them as well and f**king
    bloody impatient... f**king cant even let someone f**king sleep and
    cries like a baby!"

    As you can see from these emails I received he is very unprofessional, and I wouldn't even call them a company its disgraceful getting treat like this, I hope someone Sues this site as it needs closing down!

    The so called delays is JUST with this SwiftUnlocks.com - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks.com - UnlockFusion.com, FusionUnlock.com company!! My friends are using other companies to unlock and they are working on time and with no problems.... These people just keep your money and you have to put up with nonsense excuses, insults they tell you (if you are lucky, in my case not even that). Your will not be refunded, they wont answer your emails and if they do be ready to get insults, and they will just RIP YOU OFF !

    WARNING DO NOT USE SwiftUnlocks.com - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks.com - UnlockFusion.com, FusionUnlock.com....

    If you run a reputable cell phone store and you supply services to your customers imagine what you will have to tell your customers, and all the headache you will be going through because of a company and some man that just simply does not have any business ethic and so disrespectful!!! You will be refunding your customers back and waste money..........

    Do NOT use SwiftUnlocks.com - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks.com - UnlockFusion.com, FusionUnlock.com RIP OFF!!! They DO NOT Deliver, KEEP Your Money and DISRESPECT you by calling you names on his emails!!!
    05-18-14 10:10 PM
  13. RyanGermann's Avatar
    I think of phone unlockers are not unlike the carriers themselves; they use unethical marketing practices, bordering on outright lies, they overcharge, they blame the customers when things go wrong, on the rare exception they treat their customers with respect they act like they're god's gift to mankind.

    The fact that when you buy a device outright at a profit to the carriers they STILL won't unlock it for you is something the FCC and CRTC should look into: sure, carriers don't have to sell devices without a contract if they don't want to, but if the customer buys the phone outright, the carrier should have to provide the device unlocked. The carrier has legal binding contract if the subscriber tries to terminate their service prematurely, but if the subscriber has paid in full outright for the phone, why should it still be locked to the carrier?

    I for one would be happy for the government agencies to enact rules about carrier locked devices (i.e. only if purchased on contract subsidy can the device be locked) and just do away with the whole "carrier unlock" industry as "redundant".
    05-18-14 10:27 PM
  14. jameswolf53's Avatar
    this guy and his brother from blowfishunlocks.com are the same RIPOFF, THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY, DISRESPECTFUL

    they only talk to you when you paying money. when they have to give you money back because there service did not or does not work, they dont respond to email or if they do they respond calling you names and disrespecting you. than when you give up sending email because no response and you open paypal disputes. now they email you and with nothing but f*** this, f**** that, you stupid f**** and so on. this shows what type of people they are. thsy do not care about there customer, they only care about them making money.

    Do NOT use SwiftUnlocks.com - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks.com - UnlockFusion.com, FusionUnlock.com, blowfishunlocks.com, reseller.blowfishunlocks.com

    RIP OFF!!! They DO NOT Deliver, KEEP Your Money and DISRESPECT you by calling you names on there emails when is there fault the service was not completed!!! We DO NOT need people like this in business, these 2 people have no education what so ever.
    05-18-14 10:28 PM
  15. RyanGermann's Avatar
    Ok, time for the 1 post wonders to knock it off. You're just undermining your own cause: you understand that anyone reading this topic is going to just think you're all the same person creating a whole bunch of aliases to make it look like all these complaints are coincidentally coming out of the woodwork all at once, right?

    If you're thinking that this is how you'll finally get back at SwiftUnlocks.com what gone dun u rong, I think you should just have a nice glass of wine or a cafe latte and chill out.
    05-18-14 10:34 PM
  16. swiftunlocks's Avatar
    First come first RyanGermann thanks for your support.

    There are scums like that out there just like him who need to "chill".

    It seems like this guy jameswolf53 is a competitor who honestly cant compete with our name, services , or our reputation. The only way he/she/it thinks they can take down is to sabotage others reputation because they can not compete in this very competitive market and have probably nothing to do all day. Just because we are is a FORERUNNER in the market and have always been, you attack us through the internet.. We have unlocked millions of devices just this year. People continue to use our service and even try to cyber squat our name.

    Our prices are low, and we ALWAYS take care of our customers.

    Whoever you are, you can keep sitting behind your computer and hide.

    On top after fake reviews our our services, they have contacted us through email to pay 300 USD to remove this 5 minutes after posting these comments. Just love the internet and what people do because of jealousy or to make a few dollars.


    "Name: Simon at Webutation Alert
    Email: Simon@webutationalert.com
    Query: Hello, sorry to be the bearer of bad news today but our company, WebutationAlert.com, recently discovered several Ripoff Reports about you on the first page of Google search results (here's a screen shot we took of the damage): SwiftUnlocks - SwiftUnlock : Fight Your Ripoff Report! Call our Webutation Alert specialists now! Call us (310) 954-1014 - Imgur Also for your reference we've included a link to the latest Ripoff Report that is showing up on your Google search results (also see the screenshot above):
    Our team at Webutation Alert monitors and fights this activity across the web. Ripoff Reports are an especially nasty phenomena that can seriously damage small businesses like yours. The good news is that we can start fighting these Ripoff Ripoff reports immediately to minimize their damage and prevent anyone else from seeing them!

    Learn more about the solutions we offer here: Webutation Alert » Pricing

    Please call one of our Webutation specialists at (310) 954-1014 when you're ready for a free consultation & more detailed report on these Google rankings. "
    05-28-14 06:29 PM
  17. RyanGermann's Avatar
    First come first RyanGermann thanks for your support.
    You are mischaracterising my 'calling out' the stalkers as 'support'. Clearly whomever is posting multiple times under different aliases is off their meds, but I wouldn't say I "support" any unlocking service.

    I'd go so far as to say that the management at most unlocking services are despicable, with bait-and-switch pricing.

    There isn't a single one that I'd call trustworthy.

    I just clicked here:

    Unlock Code for TELUS Canada Blackberry Z10 UNLOCK | TELUS Canada Blackberry Z10 UNLOCK Instant SIM Network Unlock Code

    for a Telus Z10 unlock and all it says is "Supports Bell/ Virgin Canada Z10, Q5, Q10, & Z30"

    So, why would I trust your company to not just take my IMEI (which is something that I'm not sure one should freely pass around) just to have you say "sorry, can't unlock"?

    Maybe you can unlock Telus Z10s, but your website is sloppy to just copy / paste the text from Bell and not even fix it to say Telus.

    It's unprofessional, no matter how many millions of phones you unlocked "just this year" (which would be literally 5000 devices A DAY, and yet you have time to come on CrackBerry and debate a single complainer... because it's all automated and $25 is a ripoff or... what?)

    Pay $50 to the carrier or possibly half that to an 'unlock code service', but either way, you deal with the devil.

    ...which is exactly why I would prefer to buy my devices unlocked and unsubsidized directly from BlackBerry, even if it's more expensive from the alternatives... because by buying direct from BlackBerry, a company I WANT to survive gets all the proceeds, rather than companies for which I'd like to see their profits dwindle dwindle dwindle.
    Last edited by RyanGermann; 05-29-14 at 11:43 AM.
    05-29-14 11:25 AM
  18. D.Vader's Avatar
    For some reason some of these unlock services won't give you a number for a week or two. It isn't just this unlock company. Not sure the reason.
    05-29-14 01:48 PM
  19. swiftunlocks's Avatar
    RyanGermann - yes I usually dont have time but when people and other forums mention this post , I definitely want to defend myself. In regards to unlocking millions of devices, its possible my sites are automated as well as it being Processed by API (for third party).

    Overall yes there might be some issues on information which will be corrected, but the main issue is all this is information is bogus.

    ADMIN please close thread as this is going nowhere.
    05-29-14 02:56 PM
  20. RyanGermann's Avatar
    I don't think it's all bogus, but it's not balanced.

    I'll give you this: I have no doubt that your company (companies?) are no more horrible than their competitors.

    Posted via CB10
    05-29-14 03:47 PM
  21. elvismtusmart's Avatar
    i had a lot of respect for this guy after he unlocked 4 iphones for me using his premium service for $45. But since i submitted the last iPhone on 30th december he has not unlocked it upto today. i have sent him emails after every one week but he never responds.The last email he responded he said it will clear by end the week that was on January 9 2015. My cousin thinks i duped him by telling him i will unlock his phone and now demands a refund. I looking for an advice how i can get this guy to refund the $45.
    1)He never replies emails in time
    2)He gives empty promises like it will clear in 1 day
    3)Has not kept his end of the deal( premium service is 1-7 days) but this one has taken more than 21 days

    Please guys keep off this guy he will make you loose your business if you plan to unock many phones.

    Advice how i can get him to refund i paid $45 via paypall
    01-21-15 10:43 AM
  22. sharkdustbuster's Avatar
    AT&T has filed suit against former employees alleged to have been paid tens of thousands of dollars to install malware on company computers to help hundreds of thousands of AT&T customers unlock their smartphones without permission.

    California-based Swift Unlocks, which allegedly orchestrated the scheme and in turn sold the illicit unlocking services to AT&T customers, is also being sued.

    The unlocking of smartphones has been a hotly debated issue as the Federal Communications Commission has introduced new rules over the past few years. Most carriers, including AT&T, often sell phones at discounted rates because they know they can recoup that money by selling their own wireless services for the devices. To make sure customers stay long enough to pay back the phone subsidy, carriers install locking software that wont allow phones to work on other carriers networks. Once youve paid off your wireless contract, the FCC now requires carriers to give customers an unlock code that will allow them to take their device to another wireless provider if they so choose.

    AT&Ts suit says Swift Unlocks, based in Anaheim, Calif., was using employees inside AT&Ts customer service center in Bothell, Wash., to secretly obtain unlock codes for devices that were still under contract, which means the carrier had no obligation to release them to competing carriers. An AT&T spokesperson tells GeekWire there was no improper access to private customer information.

    There are multiple websites that sell these kinds of services under the Swift Unlocks moniker, including swiftunlocks.com. It offers to unlock AT&T devices, from Apples iPhone to Amazons Fire Phone, for between $10 and $50. On the companys website, it describes why someone would want to unlock a phone, saying it can make switching SIM cards for international travel easier, allows you to fetch a higher price when reselling your phone and makes it possible to switch carriers to take advantage of promotions.

    swiftunlocks.comA&Ts lawsuit was filed this week in federal court in Seattle. The carrier names Kyra Evans, Nguyen Lam and Marc Sapatin as former customer call center employees who knowingly installed malware on company computers to give Prashan Vira, who runs Swift Unlocks, remote access to the machines. Vira, and about 50 others who havent been identified yet, are then accused of running programs designed to use the employees credentials to access the unlock codes.

    Sapatin is accused of trying to recruit another AT&T employee to join the scheme, telling the worker all she needed to do was click a link provided by someone else to download the malware. The program would then run invisibly on her computer, and she would get paid $2,000 every two weeks, according to the lawsuit.

    The suit alleges that the scheme allowed Swift Unlocks to secretly obtain access to hundreds of thousands of unlock codes until AT&T discovered the malware around October 2013. By that point, Sapatin allegedly had been paid $10,500 for his part, while Evans allegedly made at least $20,000. The suit says AT&T believes Lam took a job at the company just to be part of the scheme.

    No one accused in the suit still works for AT&T, but swiftunlocks.com was still live as of Friday morning. According to the court filing, Sapatin told the worker he was trying to recruit that there were many people across the country involved in the scheme, accessing codes from AT&T and other carriers.

    While most of swiftunlocks.coms website is dedicated to AT&T phones, it does offer unlock services for some T-Mobile and Verizon devices.

    On the FAQ portion of the site, the company tells its customers that using its service its legal. The company also says it can handle phones that are marked as lost, stolen or blacklisted, but they will only work outside the U.S.

    Swift Unlocks has not responded to GeekWires request for comment, and we have not yet been able to reach the three former employees for comment.

    UPDATE: An AT&T spokesperson offered the following statement: Were seeking damages and injunctive relief from several people who engaged in a scheme a couple of years ago to illegally unlock wireless telephones used on our network. Its important to note that this did not involve any improper access of customer information, or any adverse effect on our customers.

    AT&T Unlocking Lawsuit
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    09-26-15 12:18 PM
  23. raino's Avatar
    Small world LOL.
    09-26-15 09:47 PM
  24. flusher35's Avatar
    i confirm everything the topic started said! in short version - if you pay and it will be successfuly unlocked then you are good. but if unlock fails for some server reason then you will be insulted like the worst person and he wont return your money. YOU are the buyer - you pay for the service. no service - refund the money. SIMPLY AVOID swiftunlocks.com! this guy is just pathetic disgusting miserable rat
    02-05-16 11:34 AM
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