1. RobS's Avatar
    I paid to have a unlock code for an execs blackberry Z10 on Feb 26 using my work email and paid by paypal. Order number #037808

    I was expecting an unlock code by this morning but have not received anything. I went to my paypal email address this morning and discovered that you sent a verification email to my paypal email and not the email address I used to make the purchase. Nothing in the payment process said this was going to happen or to check your verified email address, so obviously I'm pissed off.

    I have an exec getting on a plane later this afternoon and need to have the phone unlocked. I clicked to verify link and it said it's going to take two more days which is completely unacceptable since you sent the email to an address that I never gave you or informed me in the payment process that you would be doing this.

    You've got my money, now I need this code delivered today by 11am Eastern at the very latest.

    Thank you.
    02-28-13 07:26 AM
  2. CrackBerryUnlocking's Avatar
    Hi Rob-

    I see that you've received your code. May I point out that creating a thread in the forum may not be the best way for support. We have a contact form and email support which is the fastest way.

    In regards to the confirmation link, we do this to prevent fraud. Many times scammers will use a different email address than what's listed on the PayPal account. They will do this to try to avoid detection because they may have access to the PayPal account, but not the email account of the actual PayPal account holder. We send the confirmation link to whatever email account PayPal tells us is on file with them. The actual account holder has the ultimate power to process or decline the order. I hope our way of protecting ourselves from losing out $30-$150 per order makes sense to you.

    Thanks for your business and please, in the future, if you need anything- email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
    03-05-13 08:38 PM

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