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    The BlackBerry Unlocking forums are for questions/discussion regarding unlocking devices. These forums are not to be used for advertising or promotions of unlocking services or sites. The standard no advertising policy still applies:

    No Advertising Policy
    CrackBerry.com maintains a No Advertising policy in the forums. Individuals/Businesses may not make posts promoting the sale of their own or other competing stores Products (Accessories, Services, Software, Themes, etc.) or sales. Traffic Leaching is strictly prohibited. If you'd like to promote or advertise your Accessories, Services, Software, Themes etc. on CrackBerry.com please contact Kevin Michaluk directly. Kevin can be reached via email, kevin at crackberry.com.

    Individuals looking to Sell or Swap personally owned items (i.e. Used Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry 8700 for Sale) may post in the Buy & Sell forum.

    Please note, if individuals (not related to the company selling a product or service) post on an item that is or becomes available in the ShopCrackBerry.com store, if available for the same price or less we reserve the right to update posts to this link (gotta keep in business!).
    Any member found to be advertising, promoting or leaching traffic will be removed from the forums and banned from further use. Private Messages or Emails to members soliciting your service will also not be tolerated and accounts found to be doing so will be subject to a ban. Your username may not be the name of your unlocking company.

    Signatures (per our community guidelines):

    • Images are not allowed in your forums signature.
    • Links to external websites are NOT allowed in your forums signature. If you wish to include an external link, please contact a moderator.
    • Traffic leaching will not be tolerated.
    • Inclusion of images and links are at the sole discretion of our moderation teams.
    • Forums Signatures are subject to review and modification by CrackBerry at any time.

    Note: The IMEI for your device, i.e. the serial number for it, is similar to the key to your front door. It is used to access content and data on your device. We recommend that you DON'T post your IMEI online/in the forums (unless it is a secure site like CrackBerryUnlocking.com). Albeit, if you do, please be aware of the implications of doing this.

    Official Unlocking Partners

    At CrackBerry, we have tried a number of unlocking services through the years. Some of them have been good, some… not so good. Bottom line is we’ve done our best to identify who are the most reliable partners when it comes to unlocking.

    To recognize services we view as reliable, we have decided to give an official ‘unlocking partner’ title to select services.

    At the moment, our friends at CellUnlock.net are our only unlocking partner, but this list of partners may change over time.

    To our valued members: Remember, our unlocking partners are simply a recommendation from CrackBerry. Purchasing and unlocking your device is done at your own risk.


    You may purchase site advertising via Google AdSense or site banner ads. For banner ads, please contact our ad services provider via this page: Advertise With CrackBerry.com | CrackBerry.com
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