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    Well Bell wanted 50.00 bucks plus tax to unlock my Q10 and I refused to pay that for something I own. I found a reputable service provider and received a unlock code quickly and it worked just fine. So much information on all of this, but herein is my experience. I wanted to know if I had to wipe device clean before unlocked, answer it doesn't matter, but one should have device plugged in charging when doing so. I wanted to know if I had to leave the sim card in or take out when I entered unlock code, never did get the answer for my device so I left it in and it worked. I understand some devices require a different sim card to be installed and when powered up you get a message to enter unlock code. Another question I had was where does one get a sim card from another network provider or can you use a sim card from same network provider from another device? Can you use the sim card in your new device? I never did get answers on these questions. Anyways, I hope this post will help others looking for answers.
    12-02-15 09:32 AM
  2. Tech4you's Avatar
    50.00 bucks ??? too high.
    12-04-15 08:53 PM

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