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    I'm trying to figure out the affect unlocking has on the Storm's warranty. I've heard 2 different things from 2 different VZW reps and different thing from various CB posts.

    One thing I have heard is that unlocking voids your entire warranty and the other is that it only voids the warranty related to isses only that arise related to your sim card slot.

    07-09-09 03:40 PM
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    It does not void your warranty. Calling Verizon will get you conflicting answers. Instead, read the terms that they email you once you unlock. Also, as evidence, many people who have unlocked have successfully had Verizon replace their unlocked phones under warranty.

    FYI, there's already another thread on this very same topic on the front page: http://forums.crackberry.com/f86/unl...rranty-261967/
    07-09-09 06:06 PM
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    07-09-09 06:15 PM
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    its right under your post
    07-09-09 06:16 PM