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    I recently bought an unlocked BB 8220 Flip Phone. When I took it to my local service provider (Bmobile - LIME/C&W) to have the internet set up on it, they told me that they were encountering a problem with installing the internet. The phone was showing lowercase gprs instead of uppercase GPRS which usually shows up on all other Blackberries connected to the internet. They don't know what the problem is.

    However, I realized that when I turn on the phone, a DIGITEL logo shows up on the screen before it goes to the homepage/main screen. So I am assuming that the phone was previously attached to this DIGITEL GSM service provider in Venezuela and possiblly there is some kinda DIGITEL WAP lock on the phone.

    I know very little about cellphones, much less the BlackBerries, but if someone has encountered a similar problem can you please tell me what can be done so that I can have internet service set up on my phone.
    02-16-09 12:59 PM