1. oprahwinfrey's Avatar
    I am going crazy trying to figure this out. I have googled to every corner of the internet.

    I'm using the Curve 8330 with Sprint and have the 131/160 hybrid loaded. I know how to unlock the vendor themes. I have currently unlocked the TMO, TMO UK, and TIM themes, but for some reason the Verizon theme is giving me grief.

    I have tried multiple times to change the Vendor ID to 104, delete the ID, rearrange the string, etc, but nothing seems to work.

    I really want this theme. I found it on the internet in normal alx+cod form, but that one is not the same and doesn't work well.

    can anyone help me here?
    08-04-09 06:14 PM
  2. oprahwinfrey's Avatar
    no one at all?
    08-06-09 07:24 PM
  3. zeeraf's Avatar
    Ive Tried The Same Thing And For Some Reason The Verizon Theme Is The Only One Dat Doesnt Wanna Work
    08-07-09 10:26 AM