1. wilks's Avatar
    Hey all, new to the forums, hope I posted this in the right spot, semi new to the blackberry world. I got the 8900 unlocked when it came out on tmobile. Now my brother doesnt care about his phone and hes on verizon and has an upgrade due. I am also traveling to israel for the year next year. I was curious is it possible for him to get the Tour, unlock it, give it to me, and I use it in israel on a GSM 3G SIM. I know I can use it for voice, by my question is, if I get a 3G SIM in israel can I use the 3G or will I be on edge the whole time? If im on edge theres no point to unlock the Tour and take it because the only reason why I would take the tour with me is for 3G.
    07-12-09 06:43 PM
  2. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    The Tour will work on 2100MHz UMTS. Yes you need to unlock the device so you can use another carriers SIM, but yes if the other account overseas supports UMTS (3G) yes you can pick it up on the Tour so long as their 3G network is on the 2100MHz band.(most are)
    07-12-09 06:46 PM