1. Mz.Ramos's Avatar
    I am new to this site, I must live under a rock! I love love love my blackberry I currently have an oldie the 8330 but I love it! Well its on its way out and my friend gave me his storm to replace it since money is tight for me right now. Well I figured out I need to have it unlocked and now I have been refered here. I financially can't afford to pay for a code so I am hoping there is another option, like a free one . Thanks for reading!

    For the mean time I am going to work on creating my profile here!
    07-19-10 11:38 AM
  2. PhiPsi32's Avatar
    Your friend should have had Verizon unlock the phone before giving it to you. The only free unlock I know of is from the carrier. You can ask your friend to re-activate the phone with VZW and unlock it. Then switch back and give you the unlocked phone.
    07-20-10 08:31 PM