1. shad8806's Avatar
    I was wondering whether or not you knew if I would be able to call verizon and recieve the unlock code without a verizon wireless account. I am purchasing mine from a friend and I am currently a t-mobile customer. I saw a few post from users who bought their storms from best buy without an account and recieved unlock codes from verizion is this possible?
    08-23-09 09:35 PM
  2. timrosenfeld's Avatar
    Prerequisites for Getting an Unlock Code from VZW:
    (I'm doing this from memory, so hopefully I get it all)

    1) Must have an active line of service with VZW
    2) Must have had active line of service for more than 60 days
    3) Must have account in good standing:
    - Bill is current, not past due
    - No suspensions or hotlines in the past 60 days
    - (Special rules apply to business accounts... can't remember the details)
    4) May only have 1 unlock per line every 10 months

    I think that's it... I can't remember, but in any case sir, you're stuck on number 1. I can tell you that not everyone goes by the rules and you may get lucky... but more than likely without getting past prerequisite 1, you're SOL with getting an unlock code from VZW
    08-23-09 10:29 PM
  3. jakeboyer11's Avatar
    He is correct on that. There are many unlock companies on the internet that are fairly inexpensive and also are very fast. I would say that would be the route you need to take.
    08-23-09 10:31 PM
  4. mdorrett's Avatar
    I meet all those requirements and I was still unable obtain an unlock code from VZW.
    First 2 reps had no idea what I was talking about 3 shot my traveling to another country story right out of the water.
    And the last guy didn't even know how to fix a 503 error reload OS.
    IMO you will be better off paying to have it done. I was lucky and won a giveaway and am currently waiting for code. Should be tomorrow...but I was about to fork over the dough. Hope this helps

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    08-23-09 10:42 PM
  5. 5ONE2's Avatar
    Whenever I need a Unlock code from T-Mo I just call the 611 tell the Robot I need a rep.. Tell the Rep i need a code and its all done.. I wonder why its harder to get one from Verizon..
    08-23-09 10:53 PM
  6. usernam9102's Avatar
    If you can not get the unlock code from verizon you can find someone on ebay. I paid 9.00 from a person in Califorina called SwiftUnlocks Looked them up on ebay
    08-23-09 11:02 PM
  7. TaZ52083's Avatar
    Well I have a question for timrosenfeld i called to unlock my storm a couple days ago. I'm a verizon customer and the rep told me that im allow to have only unlock code 1 and thats it. Even if i get a different blackberry they won't provide me unlock code. The only way you can get it again is if the unlock device you have gets replaced. Thats what i was told by rep.
    08-24-09 12:11 AM
  8. shad8806's Avatar
    thanks guys this was all very helpful
    08-24-09 09:21 AM