1. elmelic's Avatar
    Today I got the unlock code for the blackberry storm in case I need to put in another carriers sim card while out of the country. After eagerly waiting for 3 days for the unlock code my theory was correct. After the sim lock is removed the VERIZON Blackberry Storm is able to run any GSM provider even domestic ones. I am currently using dual services on my Blackberry storm running T-Mobile USA (post paid) and Verizon (post paid). All my services work for both providers along with my voicemail. The only down side to this is having to switch over to the network. But the switch is very simple and very quick. Hope this info helps.......
    11-25-08 02:02 PM
  2. appleduder's Avatar
    I just purchased the storm from verizon. I would like to unlock for tmobile. Could you let me know where you got the unlock code? Thanks in advance
    11-26-08 10:15 PM
  3. shindakun's Avatar
    You should just be able to call Verizon customer service (as long as your a Verizon customer) and ask for an unlock code because you are traveling overseas. You may have to call a couple of times to get someone who will not give you a hard time getting it but, if you keep cool and try a couple of times you'll get one.

    If you are not a Verizon customer and paid full retail for the phone, take the phone and the receipt to a Verizon corporate store and ask politely for the unlock code - if they have no idea what your talking about ask them to contact support.
    11-26-08 10:45 PM