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    Hello guys

    I have been wanting to get a Bold for a while now and I think I'm about to pull the trigger... But before I make any purchases, I have some questions that I need answered!

    I am currently residing in Kuwait for the summer and I have come along a very reasonably priced Bold (unlocked). The issue with Kuwait is that out of the 3 service providers, none have carrier exclusive phones (such as the Storm with VZW etc...) and all Blackberries sold here are unlocked. My question is, If I purchase a Bold here and head back to the States, would I be able to sign a contract with AT&T sans-phone and still be able to use their data-plan?

    I would just get one once I get there but I come back to Kuwait two times a year and it would more or less be a brick once I return.


    PS: All carriers here run on GSM.
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    My thought would be that you could come back to the States and go to either AT&T or Tmobile and do month-to-month with the phone you already own...the only reason to ever sign a contract with a carrier is to get a discount on a handset. Since you already own a device, no need to sign a lengthy contract as you will see no benefit. Month to month customers pay the same price for rate plans that people on contract pay.

    Concerning the phone itself, you will have to adjust some settings to access AT&T's network, but those settings are easily found here in the forums...
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    Alright, just what I wanted to hear.

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    once the new companys SIM card is inserted, it should automatically update itself and network settings. all you will need to do is manually register it on the BB network by logging into the "carriernamehere".blackberry.com
    06-28-09 12:44 AM