1. AZN.M3NACE's Avatar
    So, my friend just got the blackberry storm 9530 from verizon and would like to unlock it and use it on T-Mobile. Where would be the best place to request for an unlock code?

    When she requests for the unlock code how long does it usually take to receive it? Is it possible to get the unlock code same day?
    05-21-09 04:30 PM
  2. arcanexvi's Avatar
    Call VZW global services and tell them you're going to japan and need to unlock the phone so that you can use it there. (Don't tell em you're unlocking it to leave them :P). Be nice and they'll give you the unlock code right there on the phone and walk you through the process.

    (800) 711-8300 - VZW Global Services
    05-21-09 04:33 PM
  3. AZN.M3NACE's Avatar
    well we bought the phone used from someone else so i was wondering if there are any good online services that i can use.
    05-21-09 04:53 PM