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    So, I have an At&T branded 8310 and got an unlock code for it off ebay so I could use it on Rogers. I think the unlock worked fine because after i did it the rogers sign at the top started showing up and it also picked up that I had a data plan because the edge sign went from lower case to upper case. The problem is I cant send or receive phone calls on it. When I call out it says emergency calls only. This phone used to be encrypted from what the owner previous to me told me. Am I missing something here? Or is this a dud now? Can someone please help me out!!!
    01-06-09 07:44 PM
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    Did it just start happening?

    did you try a battey pull?

    Under Manage Connections, make sure there is also a check mark in the Mobile Network box. (I doubt this is it since you have EDGE though)
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    01-06-09 07:48 PM
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    Honestly, I cant say how the phone was acting before because I've only had it for a little while and just unlocked it today. I tried battery pull and changed all settings to what they're supposed to be and nothing is happening still.
    01-06-09 08:28 PM
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    what does it say when you try to call out?

    any error?
    01-06-09 08:37 PM
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    I dont mean to dishearten you, but I just did a search for you to see if I could help, I found one thread, with your same issue, turns out the phone's imei number had been blacklisted (stolen etc) so it was permanently disabled.
    Ill keep searching though
    01-06-09 08:47 PM
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    See, and I just read another that said his battery pull did the trick.

    Id call your provider at this point to see if they can help, Im getting mixed stories.
    01-06-09 08:49 PM
  7. 3CISSBB's Avatar
    As far as my experience goes, once the handheld has been reported stolen and disabled, you need to find the original carrier and contact them concerning your purchase of the phone. They may or may not be willing to reactivate the IMEI and list it as new device.

    Sometimes stolen property ends up on eBay and the likes. It also could have been purchased at a police auction. Many stolen phones end up at auctions like that and have not been checked for service. You may need to provide the carrier with your purchase receipt and the eBay auction I.D.

    Hope this helps.
    01-06-09 10:24 PM