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    I am new to the BlackBerry world. I have taken a bunch of pictures with my 8900. They obviously save to the sd card. Went out and bought a sd card usb reader. Is there a way to delete pics from while it is plugged into the pc? everytime I right click and hit delete it tells me the files are locked. Can anyone help me "unlock" these so I can have a clean/clear sd card? Thanks!!
    03-23-10 08:39 AM
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    Go into Options > Security Options > General Settings and make sure "Content Protection" is set to "Disabled." Also, go into Options > Memory and make sure "Encryption Mode" is set to "None" and just to be on the safe side set "include media files" to "No" (this option is only visible if Encryption Mode is turned on).

    In theory, that *should* make your pictures, videos and so forth "removable."

    In my case, I used to have these settings enabled, and while the BlackBerry is *supposed* to automatically unlock the files for you when you try to access them, there was some kind of glitch where I not only couldn't access them via the PC, I couldn't even access them on the BlackBerry itself. I ended up having to reinstall my OS. I've been loath to use content protection ever since.

    I think that if you do use content protection, it should be set to use a user-generated password rather than a random password the device creates. Also, I believe that if your files are "locked" you can still send them wirelessly to your PC over Bluetooth and they will appear as normal.

    03-23-10 03:20 PM
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    Thank you for the advise. However after checking, all of the settings are set to your suggestions.
    03-23-10 05:10 PM
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    Delete from your phone!

    If you want to format ur media card, do it from your phone!

    Options, memory, menu, format!

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    03-23-10 09:44 PM