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    Hello everyone. I've recently aquired a Blackberry Curve 8320 from a friend of mine who didn't want it anymore, and it was under T-Mobile. T-Mobile gets terrible coverage in my area, and I would much rather get AT&T. However, my phone is locked. Now, I know the methods of retrieving the IMEI number and all of that, but I was wondering, what is a great site that would help me unlock the phone? I don't want to be a victim of fraud, so I'm being very sketchy about this. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    06-27-09 04:22 PM
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    Just have your friend call T-Mo and ask for it for. They will not
    charge him.
    06-27-09 05:20 PM
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    The other thing his is he got it from someone else to. So I'm pretty much stuck with using a 3rd party.
    06-27-09 05:47 PM
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    A lot of users here go with Horizon Wireless.
    06-27-09 05:59 PM
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    If you have T-Mobile, you can call them and request an unlock code, it doesn't matter that it used to belong to someone else. Tell them that you bought the phone from a third party and now are going out of the country. You need the unlock code so that you can use it overseas. If you can provide them with the IMEI and PIN #, they SHOULD be able to give you the unlock code instantly! The rep can even walk you through how to get to the unlock screen and enter the code.

    I did this and it worked perfectly, just make sure to be extra friendly to the call center rep, and if they're helpful, maybe ask to speak to their supervisor to let them know how helpful the rep was. We should encourage people to give out unlock codes

    I know this isn't quite what you wanted, but it's free and definitely worth a try before you shell out money and (as you said) put yourself at risk of being defrauded.
    06-27-09 08:14 PM