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    Hello All.

    I am somewhat new to the scene, but would like to post a simple FAQ about unlocking phones to save people time in the future.

    **Unlock codes are generated by the IMEI # of the phone**

    **Blackberries can be unlocked, i unlocked all my curves, Moto Razr so there is a less likely chance it cannot be unlocked.**

    Options to get the Network/Unlock code would to either Google search and find the lowest costing and also most legit looking service site that will send you the code, you usually get it from 24hrs-96hrs.

    I myself just called my provider and they gave me the code. Now I have seen many posts stating people have called their carriers and they wouldnt give it to them, well my friends here is the trick. Tell them you are going out of country, say Italy and want to use your phone over there with their SIM card/service. The more info you have the better, like i will be using the O2 net etc...Also dont ramble on, tell them what you need without any stories, basically you want to perform a lil acting, but calling and getting the code from your carrier will save time and money and giving your IMEI number to strangers.

    **There are a few sites selling hardware to assist in unlocking your phone which is was some of the sites that will unlock your phone do which is why they require you to send them your phone, the ones asking for your info only have generators or lists of these codes from the carriers.**

    These are the two options, at this point in time by my research there are no calculators or generators for BB to get the code, Nokia and some others do however. I have seen unlock codes going for as low as 14.99 or as high as 100USD. I personally would suggest calling your carrier and stating you are going overseas, AUS, NZ, EUR, East Asia, tell them you are going to user their network(AT&T may try to send you to international services, but if you tell them you are going to use their network you should be OK) and SIM. If anyone can find an application or software to generate BB unlock codes please PM me!!
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