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    hello. I'm korean. I have a problem.
    someone of the users can solve my problem, then I'm very pleased.

    I bought at&t carrier q10 which is sealed, to use in my country korea.
    so I searched unlocking seller, and the ask to unlock code with money. from ebay. 1weeks ago.
    next day, I recieved message "not found"
    I'm suprised a little, but try again. to the others. but result in same thing.
    during this time, I spent 1weeks waiting for unlock code.

    I tried again. find unlocking seller
    finally, I was finding someone who selling in ebay. more high price than average price.
    he told me that your code need to generate, I can do it.
    after a few hours he gave me code. that is two different code.

    I entered code all. but result in failrure.
    I have a 5 attempting count.

    I entered 4 different code but it was failed, I formated phone, and try again. result in failure too.

    it is long story. but I have to say everything.
    seller say slowly try again. there is no way.

    I'm very worried about left count.
    if it become attempt count zero, my phone will be trash.
    could you help me?
    exchange imei or reset attempt count or no unlocking use another country.

    If I open imei number and unlock code received by seller, can be helpful?
    or dangerous?
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    07-30-13 02:29 AM
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    07-30-13 10:18 PM
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    They're looking for help with an existing problem. I don't see the difference between a post like this and a spammer coming on and doing the same thing.

    As for the actual problem...

    Obviously no one here can know where the issue is but I would first suggest ensuring that the IMEI used to find the code was 100% correct (type in *#06# on the handset if you're unsure).

    The only other thing to suggest is that the code is just wrong. I would therefore go about getting a refund from the seller. People should be careful who they buy the codes from in case they do need to obtain a refund, but hopefully they'll be able to help here.

    Lastly, I would of course suggest steering clear of using all the attempts on your phone. But there use to be a few online services that could restore unlock attempts if it does become hardlocked. BlackBerry engineers are able to do it and I think phone shops can also do it.

    I hope that helps.
    07-31-13 04:48 AM

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