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    Had my telus BlackBerry z30 unlocked with http://quickphoneunlock.com.. Fantastic experience and cheap. Costs only $20 Canadian and got the code within an hour. Have searched a lot of sites for reliable and fast service
    This is one of the best. Highly recommended.

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    03-17-15 01:45 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Thanks for posting your feedback, will help others
    03-17-15 05:41 PM
  3. adyponectin's Avatar
    I was looking to unlock my Telus Passport a while ago on release day but couldn't find anyone that could unlock it so I asked on CB and was recommended to Unlock Blackberry - Blackberry Unlock Code - Blackberry Unlocking
    I Unlocked my Telus passport for under $20 with blackberrycodesource they unlocked very quickly with no issue and it was easy as well, these BB's are surprisingly easy to unlock compared to my old iPhone back in the day

    Also my GF had a Rogers BB to unlock and took it to a shop to unlock locally and they said they couldn't find an unlock code in a database so we tried to unlock that one with BBCS too and they provided the unlock fast as well.

    Also I will checkout your suggestion if I need to unlock a phone that BBCS doesn't support I'm usually changing phones a lot but the Passport is so amazing I don't know if it will be anytime very soon

    All the Best!
    03-18-15 01:23 AM
  4. jokeracing's Avatar
    I took your advice and bought an unlock from quick unlock. I am still waiting for my unlock code. Definitly not a 1 hour turn around.

    I have been without a phone now for 3 days. Tried unlock.canadagsm.ca first but they couldnt do it after 3 days. Not very happy with their service.

    I dont know whats so special its only a Z30 from Rogers that I'm trying to unlock.
    04-14-15 11:15 AM
  5. vhl71's Avatar
    Try calling them

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    04-15-15 12:27 PM
  6. G Croft's Avatar
    The best place for unlock codes

    I went to roam galaxy to get my z30 unlocked..get prices took longer than an hour but when I got the code it worked. No problems at all great place great prices does all carries and all blackberry's.
    05-18-15 08:27 AM

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