1. thataaronkid's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    on sunday (2/2/09) i purchased an unlock code from unlockblackberry[dot]com (i cant post links due to not having 10 posts! Sorry!) and there turn around says 24 - 48 hours. Anyways, i kinda feel like i just got scammed as i havent heard anything from them

    So my question is, if i went ahead and either bought another one from a different website or did the unlocking via program and usb cord on the computer and for some reason eventually they do send the code, would it mess anything up since i already gave out the IMEI code once?

    Like is there only 1 unlock code for every 1 IMEI? I just dont want to purchase another one from a different site to only have them not be able to retreive a code because one site may have already tried.. you know what i mean?

    Anyways any info is appreciated! Also! has anyone ever used that site? If so, did you ever receive your code and if you didnt how would you recommend i go about getting my money back?


    02-04-09 10:17 PM
  2. pavlovk1025's Avatar
    Dude, all you really needed to do was call aTT and ask them for the unlock code. Tell them youre going overseas and you need it so you can call out using oher sim cards. Since youre a customer, theyll give it to you for free and within that conversation. I know, because I dont have aTT but had an aTT phone that I needed to unlock, and Im not an aTT customer. I got the code and unlocked the phone. Best part is it's free.
    02-04-09 11:14 PM