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    hi there,

    i am looking to unlock my 9800 for use with tmobile and wanted exact steps as to how i get everything working... i saw there was one thread on how to lock it and another on how to get uma working... do i have to follow both separate steps??

    please let me know... also can i do this on a mac?

    i basically need to know how to do this step by step... i am a newb!

    thanks tons,
    09-19-10 02:12 AM
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    Step 1 - Wait for T-Mobile to release OS6 service books.

    Step 2 - .. well, there is no Step 2 because there's no ETA on when Step 1 will happen.
    09-19-10 06:56 AM
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    Here you go read and follow instruction and ill be good to go.


    Next time u should read before posting. This work I haveve an unlocked torch for T-mobile as well. And if you need to unlock the phone get year unlock code from eBay for like a $1 good luck

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    09-19-10 08:31 AM
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    how do you download certificates to your berry?
    09-19-10 10:12 AM
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    The instructions should give you a link to DL them. There's only 2.

    Here ill be nice


    Download them with you phone r pc. I used my pc but either way works great
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    09-19-10 04:24 PM
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    ok so i got the phone unlocked no problem everything works except uma...

    i am having a lot of trouble getting the uma to work and i did follow the steps and still does not work... anyone have another way of doing it??

    09-19-10 07:16 PM
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    thise instruction dontget n e simpler. I did it in like 5min

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    09-20-10 01:06 AM
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    xandermac 02:23 PM 08-14-2010 -- [Reply] [!!]
    Guide to enable UMA on an unlocked 9800 for T-Mobile

    This won't work for AT&T as they don't support UMA calling (But the E-Screens are interesting anyway)

    1. Go here and follow the instructions to unlock the Engineering screens. Press ATL+CAP+H on your berry and use that info to fill in the blanks on the linked page.

    Zibri's Blog: Hidden things are usually the best :-)

    2. Enter the code provided on the blackberry's help screen, yiou wont actually see anything while you're typing but when you're done the hidden Engineering screens will appear. Use alt for numbers and dont worry about caps.

    3. Download these certificates to your berry. (post #2 by otto)

    T-Mobile UMA Certificates - Port3101.org : Your BES Connection

    Then Reboot your Berry ALT-CAPS-DEL

    4. Once you have the certs and have rebooted go back into the engineering screen ATL+CAP+H and do the following.

    i. At the EScreen select <Mobile Network Engineering Screens
    ii. Select <Utilities>
    iii. Select <Session Manager>
    iv. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <UMA Options>
    v. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <New>
    vi. Enter the following: Display Name: T-Mobile Operator Name: T-Mobile UMA Protocol version: 1.0.3
    vii. Unselect <use default UNCS> and enter punc.t-mobileuncs.com use Port: 14001
    viii.Unselect <use default SEGW> and enter psgw.t-mobilesgws.com
    ix. Select the SEGW certificate named T-Mobile USA, inv. Engioneering and Operations CA

    Rebewt and you are all set.

    If you can't get it to work after this well I don't know whast to tell you. Good luck and make sure you read everything carefully.

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    09-20-10 01:12 AM