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    got a 8830 not to long ago and now seeing that i will be going to Europe this summer wanted to see if i could unlock it here and use it there with one of there sim cards i have called around to a few places and i have been given different stories and im currently with telus
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    HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Blackberry 8830 can't be used as GSM?

    ...since mine doesn't say Blackberry 8830 IR that it wouldn't work at all even with a sim card as a GSM...
    There is a model RIM8830IR. The original 8830 was only compatible with the TravlComm sim card. The IR version will work the a sim card now provided by alltel.
    There are two versions, the 8830 will roam outside the US/Canada via a seperate number/sim card purchased elsewhere. The 8830IR will roam internationally using your ALLTEL number via a special sim card provided only by Alltel and the roaming charges will appear on your Alltel bill. (one number, one bill, one voicemail)
    Q.) Can I unlock the 8830 to be used on ATT (cingular) or T-Mobile?
    A.) NO. The 8830’s GSM operates in the 900 / 1800 Mhz band where as T-Mo and AT&T use 850 / 1900 in the united states. You can not do ANYTHING to make this work. If you want a 8800 series, buy the 8800 or 8820 which is GSM.
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    i got that beacuse im with telus its saying that its not supported whats up with that???
    04-24-09 03:15 PM
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    is there a way to unlock without paying 15 euro?
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