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    I am from the US but work in Italy most of the year. I have an Italian SIM on a Blackberry (7290 I think) I bought years ago there. I just bought an 8820 with ATT today. I have a few questions:

    1) I must wait 3 months for ATT to give me the unlock code. SHould I just get it unlocked on my own in a local shop? I am leaving for Europe in a few weeks. I think theoretically I can just take out the ATT sim when I arrive there and pop in the Italian SIM. I know I will have to call the Italian carrier to give them the IMEI numbers etc. But theoretically it should work if it is unlocked with the Italian SIM and of course when I update the IMEI info with the carrier....Just wondering if my logic is wrong or right.

    2) when you unlock a phone, why would you get it relocked? What are the cons of having it unlocked. My minimal understanding is that unlocking lets you use other SIMS from different carriers. So if my 8820 is unlocked and I use my Italian sim in Italy, when I come back to the US, I can just pop in my ATT sim and am I ok?

    3) The wifi feature on the 8820. My understanding from the att rep is that anywhere there is a FREE hotspot, I can use the "browser" option and use the internet FREE OF CHARGE. Is this true? She said with the curve I would have to get an internet package but with the 8820 b/c it has the WIFI and costs more, if there is a free wifi hotspot, you can surf the net for free.

    Thank you for any advice and information.
    05-05-08 02:03 AM