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    Ok Guys I could really use some help I am clueless at this point. I helped a friend of mine unlock his tour and it is now working on the T-mobile network. Well Voice anyway.. Data is the issue. I was able to setup his bis email and add his aol email acct. from the tmobile/bis website because the phone would not allow me to do so. When I created everything online service books got pushed to his phone and the icons showed up for his email. He is able to send/receive email no problem. BBM works great. He is unable to browse however. No Icon and no Blackberry Internet Browser Service Book either. I have tried everything I did the host routing table register now multiple times. I have pulled the battery after each attempt on that. I have re sent service books from the website multiple times and done battery pulls afterwards still no browser Icon. I have wiped the device using BBSAK and re loaded os I even loaded on it still no browser but everything else on the data side works. Called T-mobile who gave us the run around trying to say that it could take 48hrs for all services to be pushed to the phone. Now I could be very wrong about this but if he is able to receive email and send email and bbm works shouldn't the browser work as well? Now this is also a key point he got the tour from a friend who did a bogo offer however the tour has not been activated on the vzw side. Even tho it is working for T-mobile it still has Activation Required on the phone. Is it possible that is the reason why? If so can you explain why everything else is working? Yes I know that we need to activate the phone we are in the process of getting that done but this phone was given off a business acct. with over 100 lines on it so we are trying to get in contact with the person that actually owns the phone who's upgrade was used. Please any advice from anyone would be helpful

    Thanks in advance...
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    09-23-09 11:44 PM
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    how did you get the voice calls for the tour with tmobile i cant get calls
    10-05-09 02:17 PM
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    i know this can be frustating, but try to google out or search about this in the crackberry forum with the keyword 't-mobile for bb tour'. Or not, download the service books from t-mobile, put it on DM, and then upload it to the bb tour. Hope this help
    10-05-09 02:33 PM
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    dial ##000000 to get rid of the Activation Required
    how did u get the voice call anyway?? cos i cant get calls
    10-28-09 01:26 AM