02-03-10 11:57 PM
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  1. pmikhael's Avatar
    after unlocking verizon 9530, upgraded to .151, registered service books through rogers BIS website https://bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=rogers
    so far, it works fine, however I was experiencing the switch between edge/EDGE.... be patient as address books download takes some time.

    haven't tested GPS yet... should do that tomorrow
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  2. orsamk's Avatar

    I have an unlocked bell storm, which i use with rogers now. the voice works fine and the texting. but i cant get the EDGE to come on i just have the lower case edge. How can i get the EDGE to come up??? i also have a data plan, I NEED HELPP
    08-17-09 11:37 PM
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    i got a storm 9530 unlocked by buying a code of ebay but i am having a couple problems if anyone can help that would be great. i am only getting certain numbers showing up witht their name display when they call i read to cancell name display on my account. did that still only get certain numbers. i cant seem to get my email running on the phone and also i had a problr, recieving texts when i first got it unlocked. its working fine now but guy at rogers told me it would be up and down when it works. does anyone have any solutions
    01-03-10 07:26 AM
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    The edge EDGE problem can be resolved by:
    Go to options, advanced options, TCP and uncheck everything (these default to the original carrier settings and don't work for a different network)
    Now go to manage connections, mobile network options, select GSM and 2g only.

    As for the call display, call Rogers and remove name display from your account. Leave call display only.

    Once you have a steady EDGE connection, log in to the BIS site and send your service books.

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    01-03-10 09:04 AM
  5. blkberry_idiot's Avatar
    IM HAVING A HORRIBLE TIME with my blackberry i bought one for my boyfriend for christmas and the storm is a telus one and he usues a rogers sim card but he uses pay and you go and the browser doesnt work i cant change any friggin setting god im going nuts
    01-10-10 05:57 PM
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    i bought a storm of someone and had it unlocked by carrierunlock, they were really quick, i got my unlock mep code in less than an hour.
    anyways, in terms of getting everything set up on the storm to run soomthly i had to make sure that in manage connections i had it changed to GSM/UMTS and network mode 2g (no point in 3g because it doesnt work). anyways, i went to host routing table and just registered it. got the service books. went into email settings to make sure the emails would be pushed to the storm. just to make sure i went into rogers.com/bis to double check the pin was set to the storm and not my bold. and voila, emails work fine, calling is fine, as well as txts, pins and bbm.
    im just hoping that i dont get a crappy bill stating i was roaming, ive heard horror stories about that. but other than that, the storm works great. (but only on EDGE)
    one other thing to add **
    ive read in other threads about the "activation required" screen. I did not get that message. it said ROGERS right from the moment i popped in my sim. i then used the two programs to remove the previous telus number that was attached to the phone.
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    Hey, what programs did you use to remove the old Telus number? I have everything else sorted out except for that.
    02-03-10 08:49 PM
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    02-03-10 11:57 PM
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