1. jgspine's Avatar
    Please bear with me as I know next to nothing about all of this, I really just want my phone to work!
    I have an old Blackberry 8310 from AT & T. My service is thru T-Mobile. I got the unlock code and unlocked it so that I could use my Tmobile SIM card. The phone now works great with my Tmobile card, but I can't access my email at all. When I go to My Tmobile.com to set up my email it asks for my PIN and IMEI #, which I put in but it says, "sorry unable to access the server at this time. Please try again." My son's friend said I might need the PIN reset.
    Can anyone help? I really need my email working on my phone.
    Thanks in advance!
    09-18-09 03:32 PM
  2. obaquerizo's Avatar
    Ok first if you make your initial plan for blackberry with att your pin is with them, you can use you t mobile sim, for call an messages but you can program ffor blackberry service, remmember if you use blackberry service with one carrier your pin will be with that carrier

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    09-18-09 05:41 PM