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    Hey everyone, I was planning on switching from t mobile to att goplan. I unlocked my bb from its native t mobile lock.

    Is there anyway to go back to t-mobile with this same phone? Now I cant make any calls, or did I just mess up my sim, and need to get a new one?

    My plan to go to att was changed, since t-mobile cut a deal with me in order to not cut the line.
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    10-03-11 10:37 AM
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    i figured it out, i just had to reset the phone, disregard.
    10-03-11 10:41 AM
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    Full Blackberry unlocking instructions can be found on many Blackberry unlocking websites for solving those issues.. but you got it solved already so enjoy your unlocked Blackberry
    10-03-11 08:17 PM
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    Good to know that you have already done with it. Resetting the phone is the right solution to this problem.
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