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    I have moved to northern NY not that far from the Canadian Border. The Verizon Wireless coverage in this area is quite adequate. Since I live near the border, I may have a number of opportunities to cross the border for shopping, tourism etc. I would think that it would be handy to get my VZW 9530 unlocked, and get a prepaid SIM that I could pop in when I crossover. I believe Rogers has very good coverage on the Canadian side of the border.

    1. Does unlocking the storm lead to any quirks or problems? Or is it pretty painless other than the process of getting the unlock code?

    2. Is my understanding correct that I could attain a prepaid Rogers SIM and pop that into the phone when I enter Canada (assuming the phone has been unlocked)? Does the unlocked Storm work on Rogers? Or are there any recommendations for other carriers in Canada (in the Cornwall to Ottawa region).

    3. What is the best way to obtain a prepaid SIM? Can they be ordered online, or is the best bet to visit a local (Rogers) store in Canada to buy one?

    4. Can you get prepaid SIM's that would allow data as well as voice? If so, what would be required to be functional? Since I am on BIS, would it require obtaining new service books etc for Rogers (ie for short visits not really worthwhile).

    Thanks in advance,

    07-14-09 11:09 AM
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    1) I had a unlocked curve and no issues.

    2) Yes the storm works on rogers network (up to EDGE speed only though...same as AT&T)

    3) Just buy it in a store, there is a lot of Rogers kiosik. Plus it saves you wasting money if you bought a prepaid sim card and then your trip was postponed.

    4) Not sure???
    07-14-09 11:25 AM
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    4) Yes, but you have to have Verizon drop the data all together so that you can transfer it to the new SIM. I'd say it's not worth it.

    As far as PAYG SIMS, read up on them. Normally they're only good for a designated period of time (ie. a year or so), and the minutes you buy for it expire too. For reference, the PAYG SIM card I bought in France from Orange is valid for a month, but any unused minutes expire after a month (or maybe after a month of not being used), regardless, make sure you read up on it so you know what you're getting and what's best for you.

    1.) Unlocking the Storm is pretty pain-free and you shouldn't have any issues. Key word being shouldn't, can never guarantee that you won't. Even getting the code is easy assuming you've been a Verizon Wireless customer for something like six months in good standing.
    07-14-09 12:32 PM