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    I purchased a code from unlock and go and it doesnt work!!! I have followed the instructions EXACTLY and i keep getting a code error message.I contacted the customer service person about 4 times and they are really not helping me, they told me to wipe my phone, i did that and nothing, they told me to make sure that the sim card that came with it was in the phone and nothing (if it helps anyone to know it was the verizon votophone card), i even tried to unlock it with no card (saw it on a youtube video) and nothing. I really don't know what to do, I can't do anything with this phone, i cant even recieve text messages. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I thought having this phone would be fun but so far its just given me a headache!!
    06-08-09 12:58 AM
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    Be careful as you are limited to 10 attempts at unlocking. If you fail 10 times, you will never be able to unlock your phone. Also, where did you get the phone? Did you ever check to see if that phone was not blacklisted? Also when you got your unlock codes, did you get it for the Verizon carrier? If you got it for T-mobile, then you got the wrong codes as you don't have it activated for T-mobile.
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    06-08-09 01:18 AM
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    Thats the weird thing, it always says I have 10 tries to put in the right code.I dont know how to check to see if the phone is blacklisted ( i dont even understand what that means) and now that you mentioned it i could of told them the wrong information when they asked me about the carrier, i am going to email them and see if thats the problem..wish me luck!!
    Thanks for the help
    06-08-09 06:21 PM
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    Well I emailed them and explained that i may have given them the wrong information and they told me to make sure my T-mobile SIM card was inserted and that the settings was on GSP and not global, well i made sure it was switched and still nothing, I dont understand why its so hard for me when it sounds so easy, if someone could help me out that would be great, i really dont know what to do anymore, and now i am afraid if i keep trying the code its going to lock me out for good.
    06-09-09 12:04 AM
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    Who sold you the code?
    06-09-09 09:40 AM
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    If you still have 10 tries after trying, this means the phone is not seeing the unlock code. The major issue is Try another sim card. If that doesnt work PM me. Most reputable places have 99.9% good codes. I wouldnt worry too much yet...
    06-09-09 07:09 PM