1. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Hey Crackberry Nation,

    Today, Canadians are rejoicing at the news that Bell Canada released the Blackberry Storm 2 9550.

    We on the other hand are rejoicing to the fact that we can already unlock it

    That's right! The Bell Storm 2 9550 is unlockable. Once unlocked you will be able to use it with Rogers/Fido etc..

    Let us know if you have any questions/concerns about unlocking your Bell Blackberry Storm 2 9550.

    I am sure most of our fellow unlockers here in the forums are able to unlock it as well

    Let us know if you need any help.
    04-13-10 12:12 PM
  2. TheRemoteUnlockercom's Avatar
    Good post!

    Yes we're also able to unlock it no problems!
    04-13-10 09:41 PM
  3. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    Send me 50 LOL. Each of you now LOL
    04-13-10 10:16 PM
  4. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    On the way
    04-14-10 12:08 AM