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    Easy way to get MEP code from your Blackberry and unlock your blackberry by MEP #

    How to read MEP # from your Blackberry for MEP Unlocking <<<
    NOTE: you should install Blackberry Desktop Software

    Method 1:

    1. Download Blackberry_Mep_Reader_and_Unlock_Instructions.zip for free on Filesonic.com
    2. Connect the Blackberry phone to computer using the original USB cable
    3. Start the Blackberry Logger
    4. Click Read Blackberry Handset Info(Compatible with Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7)
    5. Email to arif955@hotmail.com the following:
    - 15 digit IMEI # eg 352480041988812
    - MEP # eg MEP-04103-001
    - Blackberry Model eg Blackberry Bold 9780
    - Network locked to eg Orange UK Vodafone T-Mobile etc
    6. Please make payment of $3.00 via Paypal on arif955@hotmail.com to process the request.
    7. If response is delayed, kindly send sms on +260977240615.

    Method 2:

    1. Access the Help Me menu by pressing ALT CAPS H (hold at the same time) from main menu.

    For Pearl and other Sure-type phones press and hold the ALT key (Bottom left) and type E A C E

    2. Find the following 3 pieces of information:
    a) Blackberry device PIN :
    ie: cc414bfc
    b) App Version :
    ie: (233) Please Pay Attention: there is a white space before ( )
    c) Uptime :
    ie: 908208

    3. Enter the information above at this site and to get your Key code:
    Blackberry MEP eScreen keygen

    4. Type the Key code in blackberry from the Help Me menu to open OS Engineering Screen
    *Remember to press ALT button for the numbers (ie. if Key is 1A2B, need to press ALT+1, A, ALT+2, B)
    You won't see anything on the screen as the key is being typed.
    If nothing happens, go back and reinput the Uptime and App Version that you see in the Help Me menu

    5. At the 'OS Engineering Screens and go to 'device information'
    Please scroll down and find MEP that is on there.

    6. Continue from Step 5. in Method 1.

    Thank You.
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    Please no spam ...
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    this is not spam. i am unlocking for real. try it!
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    okae then we try it...
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    ok i'll be waiting for unlock requests, only $3.00 each
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    If you read the rules there is no soliciting..
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    what you mean 'no soliciting'?
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    what you mean 'no soliciting'?
    You cant ask for people to send you money. You have to be a company with a website.
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    Still sounds like a SPAM
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    i'm no spam, i can unlock just the way you unlock!
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    i'm no spam, i can unlock just the way you unlock!
    Make a website would be better
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    i'm no spam, i can unlock just the way you unlock!
    Pease read the rules. Thank you.
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