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    well i bought this phone from this guy (rogers) 8800 (not w.e.) and i thought i could use my fido sim card to it but it doesnt work, is there anyway to unlock it and use it? anyway at all?

    nabeel(nibs) ;p
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    06-21-09 08:55 PM
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    Your title says 8830, but your text says 8800. The 8830 is a CDMA phone in North America. The 8800 is a GSM phone. If your new phone is the 8800, you can probably unlock it. GSM phones typically can be unlocked. CDMA phones typically cannot. An 8830 cannot be unlocked to run on Rogers' GSM network.
    06-21-09 09:29 PM
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    thanks but is there was way to type in a password? for the 8800? i meen like u press couple of buttons and a pop up comes sayin if ur device is locked or unlocked? if so do u know what the code is?
    06-22-09 07:40 AM
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    If the 8800 you bought has a password on it, you will need to get that from the previous owner.
    06-22-09 07:44 AM
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    i already dealth with tht i just kept on puting the wrong password and it erased and started over. but how do i make my fido sim work with the rogers 8800 sir?
    06-22-09 07:57 AM
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    Since I am not familiar with either Rogers or Fido, I will defer to someone who is. In general, you should be able to contact a GSM carrier for an unlock code. I don't know if that general rule applies to Rogers.

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    06-22-09 08:19 AM
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    kk thanksa bunch!
    06-22-09 08:28 AM